4 Key Ways to Systemise Your Business Operations – A Case Study

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Do you want to put your operations in autopilot and focus on more income-generating aspects of the business? Keep your business operations optimised and systemised with these 4 key tips! 

We all know that running a business can be incredibly rewarding, but it often comes with a significant time commitment. 

The good news is this: systemising your operations can help you reclaim your time and improve efficiency.

Keith Chen of MORC Interiors is a testament of that!

In this case study article, we’ll explore three methods which helped Keith to streamline his business and enjoy more free time, especially as a new dad.

Plus one more tip from us, so you can scale your business up!

How Keith Chen Put His Business Operations Into (almost!) Autopilot Mode

Keith of MORC interiors case Study

Keith is a business owner and a wonderful family man. At the time of this interview, he and his wife are expecting their baby. 

His main problem? He didn’t have a system or procedure to transition the business smoothly from marketing to sales to operations. 

Not to mention the important but nitty-gritty tasks which need to be done at the backend (AKA admin tasks!).

Closing deals are challenging, as he was running a one-man show in his business, and it was overwhelming him. 

Fortunately, he met The Growth Hub

With the guide of our Growth Strategist, he was able to organise and systemise his processes, leading him to let go of the chains that tie him down.

Watch Keith’s story here.

Now, he is able to enjoy more free time with his family, focus on more income-generating tasks in his business, and not worry even if he goes on holidays!

The wheels are continually turning for him and his business. 

So, what changed? 

Let’s breakdown 3 of the most important things Keith did, plus one additional tip from us!

He started automating repetitive tasks

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Let’s face it, repetitive tasks can eat up a lot of your time. 

In Keith’s case, most of the repetitive tasks revolve around sending followup emails to leads, maintaining his marketing funnels, and stuff like that.

The good news? Automation tools can handle these tasks for you, giving you more time to focus on what really matters!

Routine tasks like email marketing, invoicing, and customer follow-ups can actually be done with automation tools.

When you set up automated workflows, you can ensure that these tasks are done consistently and efficiently without manual intervention.

If you’re feeling uncertain, you can  start small by automating one task and gradually expand as you get comfortable.

Read our article, 5 Best Automation Tools to Use for Business Growth, for our top 5 suggested automation tools you can use!

He learned to implement standard operating procedures (SOPs)

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You see, Keith’s main problem is that his processes are all over the place. 

Being a one-man-show, one moment he’s doing sales, the next moment he’s in marketing, and so on. It’s so easy to get lost in the workflow. 

The solution: have a clear standard operating procedures or workflow. 

When he spoke with our Growth Strategist, they were able to lay down his workflow, devised a game plan on how it can be improved, and refined who’s going to be doing which. Like a map of how his business works!

Enlisting to our Grow With the Flow service, he was able to polish their processes, and his team is now not getting lost in the hurdle. 

If you’re not familiar on how to do it yet, you can start by documenting the tasks you perform most frequently, then break each task down into simple, step-by-step instructions. 

You can also use templates to maintain consistency and make it easier to create new SOPs as needed.

And do you know that AI can also be used to create templates for your SOPs? 

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He embraced delegation and found his Champion

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When Keith started working with TGH, there’s one thing that our Chief Freedom Officer, Cheryl, said that stuck to his mind:

“Yes, I know you can do it. But let’s try to get someone else to do it for you. So you can focus on more important tasks for you in your business.”

Keith realised a truth: You don’t have to do everything yourself. 

In fact, trying to handle every task can lead to burnout and inefficiencies. That’s where delegating and outsourcing can help you focus on your core responsibilities.

According to Keith, this thought changed his mindset, and he learned how to let go.

This freed up not just his time but also his mind! He now knows that with the right people, his business will keep on running, even when he’s away.

But here’s the challenge: how to know where to find the right people to outsource tasks to.

Fortunately for Keith, TGH has a vast pool of talented virtual assistants (we call them Champions!), to tap into! 

With his Champion, Michelle, he was able to cover more ground than  ever before.

If you’re wondering how you can know if a VA agency is a good fit or not, our article, “5 Green Flags: How to Know You’re Choosing the Right VA Agency” can shed you some light!

Bonus Tip: Utilise Project Management Tools

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Being able to set up workflows and processes is one thing, but staying organised to be consistent with your business tasks and systems is another thing.

If you want to be consistent, you’ll need to stay organised.

That’s where project management tools come in! 

When you have project management tools in your business, they can help you keep track of and assign tasks, deadlines, and progress, from start to finish – ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

There are a lot of popular project management tools out there, like Trello, Asana, ClickUp, and Monday.com

Choose one that fits your team’s workflow and start by using it for your most complex projects. You can then gradually expand its use to other areas of your business as you go.

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Turn the Keys to Scale Your Business!

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When Keith started his business, all they were thinking about was to get more sales, get more sales, get more sales. 

Little did he know that the more sales they get, the more burned out they become. That’s because they didn’t understand what SCALING the BUSINESS means. 

When he partnered with The Growth Hub, he was able not to just free up more time, but also to understand what scaling means and how to actually DO IT. 

With his workflows securely in place and the support of his ever-reliable Champion, he’s now on the next level of scaling his small business and reaching bigger dreams for it!

Do you need help to free up your time so you can focus on growing your business and spend more time living life like Keith? 

Speak to our Growth Strategist today! Your business’ pivotal moment might just be one click away.