Your Hero in Success

You might be thinking – what’s next?


Well, you’re not  alone on this journey to finding your superstar virtual Champion. . 


Introducing your dedicated Client Success Hero – your go-to person! 

“My Client Success wha?” 

Yup, HERO.


Why, Hero? Here’s a brief snapshot of why you need a Client Success Hero in your business (and life!) and their  superpowers:


➤ Get the know your business and what your needs are

➤ Identifies the right Champion for your needs

➤ Onboards you and your Champion

➤ Ongoing training and performance evaluation of your Champion

➤ Identifies where your team requires additional support

➤ Conducts regular performance check-ins with your Champion

➤ Conducts regular check-ins with you:

        • Weekly in your 1st month
        • Fortnightly on the 2nd and 3rd month
        • Monthly from the 4th month onwards 

➤ Coordinate any rewards and recognition bonuses you decide to give to your Champion

Rosette Ting


  • Wife & mom of 3
  • Loves watching series and movies, loves to learn new things and love to spend time eating out with fam!
  • Love yourself and everything falls in line…
Client Success Hero

Keith Sablaya

+ 639553900072

  • Wife & mom to be
  • Loves traveling & eating
  • Believes in the law of attraction
Client Success Hero

Faye Aguilar

+ 6309208523433

  • Single mother of 2 teens
  • Advocate of mental health awareness
  • My mantra is seeing  the invisible to reach the impossible
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