Virtual Assistants

More than Virtual Assistants, they’re Champions

We’re the growth hub for buyers’ agents, real estate, property, and service businesses. We do all of the tedious tasks so you can be free to focus on growing your business and enjoying life.

Growing a business, and creating one that eventually can function without you being there 24/7, is a TEAM effort.

The truth is, if you haven’t worked with Virtual Assistants before, or haven’t had a great experience, then, you likely don’t have the time (you most definitely don’t have the time if you don’t already have some help!), or enough know-how, to figure out what are the skills needed to find the right help for you.


We help you ATTRACT, DEVELOP, and ENGAGE talented Virtual Assistants from the Philippines so that growing a team is affordable and highly effective at helping you scale.

Finding super star quality Virtual Assistants (aka Champions) takes a bit of skill and experience – we know, we’ve done thousands of interviews, DISC profiles, and successful placements with clients. It’s like a match-making job on steroids!

There are 8 STEPS we take to finding the right Virtual Assistant for your business:

  • Understand your businesses needs and goals
  • Identify what tasks and functions need to be completed
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the right type of support
  • Our Talent Recruitment team kick into action
  • We shortlist hundreds of candidates to identify the top 2% to interview with you
  • You pick your superstar Champion
  • Your Champion (if they haven’t already) -undergo training at The Growth University
  • Onboarding your Champion


Working with The Growth Hub, our support extends throughout your whole journey with you and your Champion.

We provide ongoing support to your Champion so when you’re busy focusing on your business, you know that we have their back (and yours!).


A dedicated Champion that works with you, in your business, on your daily tasks


Your dedicated Client Success Hero ensures that your working relationship with your Champion is a positive one.


Ongoing Training and Development opportunities


Strong Team Enrichment & Development


Weekly Social Calls


Daily Check-ins


Performance Evaluations


Payroll, Insurance, Bonuses

What can a virtual assistant help with ?

Service-Based Businesses

Appointment Setting
Basic Social Media Management (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram)
Building Out Mailing List
Calendar Management
Client Relationship Management (CRM)
Email Management
General Administration
Lead Generation
Outreach on Social Media (Facebook and LinkedIn)
Transaction Coordination

Real Estate/Property Businesses

Appointment Setting
Basic Social Media Management (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram)
Building Out Mailing List
Building Out Property List (Letter Drops)
Calendar Management
Client Administration (Execution of Agreements, Invoicing)
Client Care (Congratulatory Presents, Birthdays, Follow-Ups)
Compiling Due Diligence Folders
Compiling Property Report
Client Relationship Management (CRM)
Email Management
General Administration
Lead Generation
Outreach on Social Media (Facebook and LinkedIn)
Property Research (Sales Comparisons, Zoning, etc.)
Years of Property Research Tools Usage (e.g. RP Data, Pricefinder, Archistar
Shortlisting of Property Opportunities
Transaction Coordination

What more can a Virtual Assistant Help With ?

Administrative Support
Administrative Support

– You’ll never have to worry about forgetting a meeting or email again.

– Your day will be more organised and you’ll feel less overwhelmed.

– You’ll never have to worry about forgetting a birthday again (and getting sad faces from the spouse and kids)

Well, we can help you make it happen. We’ll look after

  • Email management
  • Calendar management
  • Appointment setting
  • Folder management
  • Contacts management
Transaction and Project Coordination
Transaction and Project Coordination

Stay in control of your projects, spend less time on back and forth communication, and

get the job done faster. You’ll have less stress about getting everything done on time with our Champions managing:

  • Setting up processes to ensure clear tasks instructions, delegation of roles, responsibilities and deadlines
  • Keeping track of the transaction or project workflow
  • Scheduling & confirming inspections with clients, consultants and tradies
  • Working with you and clients to track down missing documents
  • Utilising task management software or programs to manage deal and project flow
Online Research and Data Scraping
Online Research and Data Scraping

Want to be the smartest person in the room without any of the hard work researching data on your own? Leverage your time and your skills with the support of our Champions will save you time and get more information than you could ever get by yourself.

  • Property data research
  • Sales comparisons
  • Data scraping of contacts
  • Researching and analysing data using property software to identify potential development sites
  • Obtaining information on suburb statistics i.e. demographics, capital growth, and day on market data
  • Looking for properties in suburbs with target pricing and upside potential
Property List Building
Property List Building

Want to spot and communicate hot opportunities before your competitors do? Be prepared for anything in any market, anywhere, anytime with our Champions supporting you.

  • Building a list of properties sold, new listings, price changes to identify prospective sellers
  • Assisting with mail merge of letters to be sent to owners
  • Managing lead generation on social media (eg. Facebook and LinkedIn) and the internet to attract owner leads
  • Assisting with client and prospect management and correspondence
  • Data entry of property details and extracting ownership details from relevant public sources
Basic Data Entry and Record-Keeping
Basic Data Entry and Record-Keeping

You’re a busy real estate agent, so why are you spending hours doing data entry and record keeping?

We’ve got your back. If you want to spend more time selling homes and less time on paperwork, we can help!

  • Data entry for consolidating buyer or seller information
  • Maintaining property-related paperwork, including legal and compliance documents
  • Creating new databases
  • Record keeping of all important documents in client folders
  • Data entry of sales records
Lead Generation
Lead Generation

Finding the right people to talk to can be time consuming and frustrating, right?

Our Champions will help you find the leads you need without wasting hours on social media or nurturing prospects.

  • Facebook and LinkedIn Outreach
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Appointment Setting
  • Prospect Nurturing
  • Referral and Testimonial Strategy



Property Assistant
Administrative/Executive Assistant
Research and Operations Assistant


AUD $1495 + GST Part-Time / month
AUD $2595 + GST Full-Time / month

Need someone to CONNECT with you your client, stakeholders, and leads ?


Marketing Assistant
Appointment Setter
Lead Generation Specialist
Client Management Specialist


AUD $1695 + GST Part-Time / month
AUD $2795 + GST Full-Time / month

Need someone creative to help you SCALE and implement your marketing strategy?

Need help deciding?

The Growth Hub Champions can work with you two ways.


20-30 hours per/week
Works with multiple clients


40 hours per/week
Dedicated to 1 client.


Discovery Call

In your call with our Growth Specialist, we want to get to know you. We want to understand your business and where you’re at, what challenges you may be facing, what you’re aiming to achieve, and IF having a Virtual Champion is the right call for your business and if we’re the right fit for each other. We don’t have to be everything to everyone. Just the right one for you.

“Way You Work” Session

Congratulations for taking ACTION! You’ll be introduced to your Client Success Hero, who will take time to understand the “Way You Work” and identify the right Champion for you. They’ll get clear on what your Champion/s need to focus on to help you hit your goals. You’ll also go through your Service Agreement and the Talent Acquisition process.

Interview + Select = Success!

Finding the right talent is an art! Through hundreds of interviews, we’ve created a proven process for interviewing and selecting superstar Champions with winning attitudes and the skill to support your business. Our Champions are put through our training program at “The Growth University” before they even get to second base (aka an Interview) with you so they’re primed to support you from Day 1!

Launch Day

Launch into your Kick-Off session with your Client Success Hero and Champion. You’ll be guided to make onboarding your new Champion team member a breeze!

Ongoing Support

As your dedicated growth partner, we’ll schedule regular check-ins and formal performance evaluations with you and your Champion. This will help us identify where there are growth opportunities for the Champion so we can help with your strategy and projects.

Need someone to guide you through the process
Satisfaction Guarantee


We’re not your typical outsourcing business – we’re your growth partners.

Growth is hard. It’s full of obstacles and challenges that will slow you down, distract you from your goals, or even stop you in your tracks.

You need a guide to help navigate the terrain so that growth can be more predictable and profitable for both parties.

Instead of trying to figure things out yourself, our Chief Growth Officer will frequently work with you to evaluate your challenges and determine if a solution can be provided through our internal TGH team, or an external partner. 

We’ve got this handled! The TGH team has worked with dozens of businesses like yours in similar situations. Let us help so that you can focus on what’s important – growing your business!

How long after I sign up do I get a Champion to start in my business?

From your first call with us, we aim to have you and your Champion kicking off together (aka. “Launch Day”) within 1-2 weeks.

Does the Champion become my direct employee where I need to manage payroll and HR?

No, we manage all Human Resources responsibilities including training, payroll and other benefits.

Are there any lock-in contracts?

Nope. We don’t have lock-in contracts. We want you to stay as long as you are happy. We do, however, offer discounts for advance payment packages.

I don’t know what jobs I should assign to a Champion. How do I know what jobs to have them do?

We’ve created a guide that discusses the “50 Tasks That a VA Can Free You From”. You can download it for FREE to give you an idea of the tasks that you can outsource. But the best thing is to speak to one of our outsourcing specialists to assess what your businesses’ particular needs are.

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