Negotiating the minefield of parenthood with 2 young children &
Building virtual and physical communities – Cheryl runs Australia’s largest property development Facebook group with over 11k members, she’s also a property investor and developer.

Fun Fact:

Cheryl doesn’t have a sense of smell…and no one knows why!

Why I started TGH:

I started TGH with the vision of connecting people. I believe that amazing things can be created when great synergies happen. I knew what it was like to struggle with building a business and balancing it with growing a family. I also knew that the reason I went into business was to create time and financial freedom for my family which would also allow me to spend more time on passion projects and giving back to the community. 

I was fortunate enough to experience the life changing impact that talented and empowered virtual assistants could make to my life and business and wanted other business owners to experience the same. 

On the flip side, having grown up in Singapore and seen many Filipinos having to leave their country and families to have better opportunities, broke my heart. I wanted to give people the opportunity to work from home, just like I have for close to a decade, and be globally.