Growth Strategy

Get your full end-to-end business workflow systems and processes in place so you can your whole team know how your whole business operates. 

If you have goals to grow your team but everything is “in your head”, or you dread the idea of having to bring on someone new and spending weeks and weeks on end of training with them (which you don’t have the time for!)…then the GROW WITH THE FLOW program is for you!
What the GROW WITH THE FLOW program is a 10 Step process of creating your Master Workflow with you – so you, and your team, know the core steps to take across the following areas of business:

10 Step process of creating your Master Workflow

  1. Marketing
  2. Sales Channels
  3. Sales Funnel
  4. Client Onboarding
  5. Client Fulfillment
  6. Operations
  7. Ongoing Client Care
  8. Referrals/Repeat Business
  9. Reviews/Testimonies
  10. Team Management/Communication

By the end of the program, you will have in place an end-to-end Workflow (see example below) with the steps and high-level decision-making processes that you can hand over to any new team member when they start as a critical part of your on-boarding and ongoing process management – cutting down the time (and the stress) of growing your team!
This is a “Do-it-with-you” program where you will likely have homework to create or provide any templates, scripts, checklists that are required in the workflow.

If you decide you need help with any of the above, we can dicuss what your needs are and provide you with a quote for specific work

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