Raine is what you might call a ‘detail-oriented’ person. She has a knack for taking in large amounts of information and then organizing it in a way that makes sense. Raine always looks for ways to optimize a process and execute it. Not only that… she is also quite creative. She has a knack for coming up with new ideas and solutions, which means that she’s always thinking outside the box.

So, when you put all of these together, you get someone who is pretty darn good at understanding complex technical information and then breaking it down in a way that can be easily understood by others. She’s always loved what she does and gives her full effort into projects and delivers what is expected and more.

Fun Fact:  

Raine is a balanced individual that can compartmentalize and think rationally and objectively. She is ready to listen and mentor you for FREE. But if you do love life sessions, she might charge you for it by the thousands $$. 🤣