The Increased Productivity Code: Decoding Business Success with a Champion

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Your business’ increased productivity and success rely on your business decisions and the people who work with you. How can a Champion contribute to your success goals? Find out in this article!

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

Ever had a job where you’re just dragging your feet to get to work and feel so excited about going home (even when you just logged in!)?

We hope that’s not where you are at right now. (*fingers crossed!)

It greatly affects the way you act and the end results of your job. Studies have shown that having happy workers is equals to happier results and productivity at work.

So, some might say otherwise, but we think Confucius had a point – happiness at work is a secret sauce for productivity. It’s the magic that turns the grind into a passion, the mundane into the extraordinary! 

And speaking of secrets, we have unravelled more secrets in our article, “Marketing Growth Secrets: Transforming Your Property Businesses into Productivity Powerhouses”, so make sure you catch them all. 

Now, let’s not just talk about graphs and charts; let’s talk about the heartbeat of your business – the people. Because a happy team is a productive team.

Curious to know how a Champion can be your productivity maestro? Dive into our feature case study and discover the real magic behind increased productivity. 

Spoiler alert: it involves more than just spreadsheets and deadlines – it’s about cultivating a culture where everyone thrives.

Ready to turn your property business into a hub of productivity and success? Talk to our Growth Specialist and unravel your business potential today!

How TGH Makes Increased Productivity Happen

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The Growth Hub has a unique approach to leveraging virtual assistants among the vast array of options in the market to help you increase your business’ productivity and growth.

By nurturing a positive environment, organising enjoyable activities, providing ongoing training, and conducting individual check-ins, we ensure that our Champions evolve into top-tier Virtual Assistants tailored for your property business.

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Case Study: Ianna Vien

We’re not just talking the talk, but we strive to walk the talk!

Hear it from one of our Champions, Ianna, who works as a property research and marketing assistant for one of our clients. 

She has been with TGH for quite a while now and found some amazing reasons why she loves working with us. 

We foster a positive growth environment.

In Ianna’s own words, she loves working with TGH because of its positive growth environment for her personal and professional welfare. She feels welcome, and properly supported, and that her contributions to the team are valued

It is important that the people you work with feel these positive things to make sure that they fall in love with the work that they do!

We love continuous learning.

At TGH, training and development aren’t just for the internal team, but for the whole team. We make sure our Champions are properly equipped with the knowledge they need to better support you in your business. 

And with the constant changes in the market, we love upskilling and re-training our Champions so they are on top of all the changes that are happening. 

The result? You won’t have to spend time training them, but you can instead focus on the things that matter most in the business. And that means more leads found and more deals closed!

Watch her full story here 👇🏻👇🏻

That’s a community that helps each other succeed.

Who wouldn’t want to work with a community like that, right?

If you want to get a thriving, happy, and fully supported Champion to help increase your productivity in your business, it’s high time to talk to our Growth Specialist!

What are your options?

While considering cost-effective alternatives like hiring a virtual assistant on platforms such as Upwork or Fiverr is a common practice in taking on a virtual assistant, it’s important to acknowledge that the decision to outsource involves more than just cost considerations.

What distinguishes TGH from the competition is our unwavering commitment to quality. At the core of our approach is the emphasis on delivering excellence. 

Our Champions (VAs) benefit from dedicated internal Client Success Heroes (CSH) who actively contribute to their professional growth. We uphold a rigorous evaluation process, ensuring a continuous and high standard of performance.

The collaboration between our CSH and each client is integral. This ensures a thorough understanding of client needs and the consistent delivery of work at the highest standards. 

Acting as a crucial link between clients and Champions, our CSH fosters strong virtual teamwork, resulting in amplified outputs.

Our Champions go beyond being virtual assistants – they are your Partners to Growth. 

Take Ianna, for example; she exemplifies the commitment of our Champions as dedicated growth partners capable of handling specialised tasks, such as property management.

Prioritising our people sets us apart, leading to exceptional service for you. Unlike platforms like Upwork or Fiverr, we extend comprehensive support, encompassing HR, benefits for Champions, payroll, and training and development. 

This commitment ensures our Champions remain motivated and content, ultimately elevating their performance and reliability for your business. Rest assured, our focus on people guarantees you the outstanding quality you rightfully deserve.

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Decoding Productivity Success with TGH

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As we’ve delved into the secrets of turning your property business into a productivity powerhouse, one truth stands out – a happy team is a productive team.

So, here’s our invitation to you: create an environment where joy thrives, where team members are not just colleagues but comrades on a shared journey of success. 

From fostering positivity to incorporating fun activities, continuous training, and personal check-ins, the magic lies in cultivating a workplace where everyone flourishes.

Remember, happiness isn’t just a byproduct; it’s the catalyst for productivity and success. A team that laughs together, learns together, and supports each other is destined to achieve remarkable feats in the property arena.

And the good thing is that you don’t have to be alone in this journey. We at TGH can help you craft a tailored plan to turn your team into a force of productivity and fulfillment. Your journey to property success starts with a happy team!

Ready to infuse your workplace with joy and propel your property business to new heights? Take the first step – book a call with our Growth Strategist today.