Why Thanking Employees/Team Members Matters

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Wondering how thanking employees can change your business’ success trajectory? Learn more about it and some fun appreciation ideas you can to for your team members! 

It’s not always obvious, but gratitude is one of the best attitudes a successful person and community could ever have. It has the same effect on your business and workplace!

When people appreciate each other, it forms the bedrock of a positive work environment that employees/team members would love to be in. 

Who doesn’t like to receive a “thank you” or a “great job” after all their efforts, right? In reality, people are hard-wired to feel that they belong. 

Recognising one’s work sparks a culture of support and collaboration, inspiring co-workers to do their best to support each other. Thus, bringing in more success to the business!

Appreciation isn’t just nicety, but it’s a foundation for a more valued, motivated, and connected group of people in an organisation.

In this article, let us talk more about making appreciation a habit and some best ideas you can do it in your organisaton, just like how we do it at TGH! As a result, our Champions are pumped up to do the very best day can everyday to make sure we all deliver to the our partners excellently. 

Ready to make appreciation a habit? Let’s get started!

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Should You Make Thanking Employees a Habit?

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When you are vocal about appreciating your team, you’re boosting their morale and motivation. 

Everyone loves a pat on the back, don’t we? 

Being vocal and open in giving out praises and positive feedback blesses firstly your team members! Studies have shown that when team members feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to improve and deliver excellent performance. It’s going to be a domino effect because it’s your people who carry the business. 

If they are excellent, so will your business be! That’s proof that a simple “Thank you” or “Great job!” can go a loooong way in your business. It doesn’t cost money, but it will surely yield a lot. 

Appreciated team members are more engaged and loyal.

This result is closely connected with the first one. Employees/team members who are appreciated and seen feel more connected with you and your cause in the business. 

As a result, they become more emotionally invested in their work, dedicating success to the business. 

They become more loyal, lessening attrition rates in the organisation. Well, who would want to leave an organisation where you’re treated right?

Team recognition at its finest!

A positive, toxic-less work environment makes people stay, apart from the paycheck they receive. It’s something no amount can buy.

Team collaboration and productivity are the fruits of work appreciation.

Photo by Yan Krukau

An organisation that sees and notices individual and team achievements sets the stage for a culture of collaboration and teamwork. 

When everyone in the business feels a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect, this leads to improved teamwork and increased productivity as everyone works towards shared goals.

Collaboration and gratitude at its finest!

A positive culture is equal to a positive company reputation and employer branding.

Aside from blessing and building up the people, one of the best results of making appreciation a habit is that it sends a powerful message to both employees and your potential clients/leads.

Publicly posting shoutouts and spotlights on your social media demonstrates that the company values its people and recognizes their contributions, which enhances the company’s reputation as an employer of choice. 

This creates a positive perception of the organization as an appreciative and supportive employer. 

And it strengthens its employer branding, making it more attractive to top talent and positively impacting recruitment and retention efforts.

Isn’t this a fantastic effect? 

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Fun Team Appreciation Ideas for Team Members

If you’re a business owner thinking of ways you can show your team you appreciate them, we’ve got some tried and tested ideas we do at TGH!

Having a large group of virtual assistants, or as we call them, Champions working virtually isn’t a hindrance to make our team feel loved and appreciated. 

Ready for some fun team appreciation activities? 

Here they are!

Virtual Game Nights and Social Call Highlights

Working virtually, of course, we love virtual calls with the whole team! Not just business calls, but the ones where we can enjoy, share laughs and do some friendly competition!

You can come up with simple games such as virtual escape rooms, trivia quizzes, or online multiplayer games like Kahoot.

In these calls, we also share highlights and wins for our team members, especially those who are new, so they’ll feel welcome to the fold. 

Oh, and the ones who celebrate their birthdays and work anniversaries. This is the opportunity for us to celebrate, bond, unwind, and create stronger connections with each other, even if we’re miles apart. 

Trust us, your team will love it!

Team Member Appreciation Wall

This is a fun way to celebrate milestones for your team! Virtual or physical appreciation walls are where team members can share shoutouts, compliments, and words of encouragement for their colleagues. 

What we love about this is how interactive it is to show support for each other in a fun and visual way.

At TGH, we make it a habit to post them in our Slack channel, where everyone can react, greet, and cheer each other.

You can also try alternative options, like Kudo Boards, RecoCards, and the like. 

Team Spotlights

Team spotlights are the chance where you can feature a team member on your company’s website, blog, or social media channels. Just like these!

As you invite your team members to show their professional achievements, personal interests, and fun facts, your audience will also feel the authenticity and good work environment you have in your organisation. 

And they will see that when you take care of your team, you can also take care of your clients!

Here are some links to the blogs and videos where we put the spotlight on our team members:

Surprise Treat Deliveries

Well, who doesn’t like surprise gifts? At TGH, we LOVE IT! 

Mind you, it doesn’t have to be expensive to put a smile and brighten up your team’s day. It can be a simple card, a care package, or some sweets!

Here’s some of the sample gifts we gave our Champions and Heroes.

Our team loved it so much, and our hearts are full too!

Create Customised Awards 

Create personalized awards or certificates to recognize team members for their unique strengths and contributions. 

For example, at TGH, we base the awards on our Core Values. We had:

  • Integrity Maestro Award
  • Real-ationship Artisan Award
  • Difference-Maker Virtuoso Award
  • Adaptability Luminary Award
  • Ownership Virtuoso Award
  • Radiant Spirit Recognition

Our awardees felt loved, valued and recognised as their names were called. A pleasant surprise, indeed!

In your business, it is best to get creative with the award categories and award certificate designs.

Then present them in a virtual ceremony or during a team meeting to make it extra special!

Make Appreciation a Part of Your Culture

So, let us wrap it up with a quote from Mary Kay Ash, an American businesswoman and founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.

Don’t be afraid to let your team members know that you appreciate and see their hard work. Give them a shoutout whenever you can!

It’s like giving them a high-five and a big ol’ thank-you hug. And you know what happens next? 

They’re all pumped up, feeling valued, and ready to tackle whatever comes their way with a smile. 

So, keep spreading those good vibes! it won’t cost much, but it will go a very looooong way. 

That’s the culture you’d want to build and stay with. 

That’s the family you’d love to have in your organisation. And it’s a wonderful thing to have, we promise!

By the way, if you’re curious how to get the best Champions in your team, our Growth Strategist can guide you there! Let’s talk soon!