Collective Triumph: Nurturing and Empowering Your Team Members

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Wondering how some teams seem to overcome challenges smoothly like butter while others struggle? The secret is how they empower and nurture their team. Get some quick team members’ empowerment secrets in this article!

FACT: success is never attained alone. It is achieved by you and your team, so if you want to enjoy that collective triumph, you should know how to support your team, so they can support you better in return.

But let’s be real – it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. You will surely meet challenges like communication gaps, disengagement, and stagnation – especially if you’re working remotely!

We know how that feels like, so we gathered ideas to turn these challenges into opportunities to help you out.

From overcoming communication hiccups to reigniting passion and innovation, here are some tips to transform your team into a successful powerhouse.

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Winning Ways to Provide Support to Your Team Members

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Create a Positive Work Environment

For years, we have proven that a positive work environment is what keeps people, more than the monetary compensation a company can give. 

You will greatly empower your team members as you establish a culture of positivity, open communication, and collaborative spirits. 

Remember that everyone thrives when they are heard, and feels valued. Plus, your tem’s mental health is prioritised too! 

A stressful, burned out workplace where team members don’t feel valued can only retain people for long. And their productivity? Relatively low.

Read tip #5 in our article “Leveraging Virtual Teams: Maximising Efficiency and Productivity” to learn more about building a positive work environment!

Provide Professional Development Opportunities

If you’re not growing, you’re just going backwards. It’s the same with your team.

At some points in their career life, they’ll feel stuck, stumped, and thirsty for growth and development. Here’s our advice: GIVE IT TO THEM!

Does your organisation need an SEO specialist? An Ads expert? A web designer?

Why outsource those if you have team members who are willing to upskill, upgrade, and develop their talents with you?

Don’t hold back from giving your team wings to fly. You are investing in them, and in turn, they will be able to support you and your business better with their newfound skills.

Acknowledge and Celebrate Achievements

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This is one culture that we love in TGH – we love to celebrate wins and achievements, no matter how small or big they may be!

Well, who doesn’t want to be seen and appreciated, right? As you and your team build a culture of calling out not the bad ones but the good reports of each other, you will all feel pumped up to work your best for the business. 

It can be as simple as a mention in your Slack or Discord channel (or whatever communication channel you’re using), or with a congratulatory graphic.

You can even post it on your social media channels to let your audience know you’re celebrating! It will surely boost your team’s morale and excitement to be a part of your organisation.

Pro-tip: Celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries!

Transparent and Positive Leadership

We can’t stress this too much, how positive and transparent leadership greatly affects a business. 

We all know that positivity is contagious, and when it starts from the top, it permeates the entire organisation. 

Thus creating a culture where innovation, resilience, and a can-do attitude become the norm!

Here’s a catch to remember: leadership isn’t just all about management style – it’s about being human. 

Do you listen to your team members? Do they feel comfortable sharing their ideas with you? Do you ask for feedback from them?

Simple things like that can empower your organisation, leading to increased productivity and team unity.

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Hold Team Building Activities

This one might be your team’s favorite: team-building activities!

Aside from the fun games and memories, these kinds of activities are important in a team for several reasons. They:

  • foster stronger bonds
  • break communication barriers
  • cultivate trust and collaboration
  • nurture creativity and problem-solving skills
  • boost morale and motivation
  • identify each team member’s strengths and weaknesses
  • help improve communication styles
  • enhance problem-solving skills within the team

Who doesn’t like team building, right?

But the question is, how do you do it when you’re working virtually? 

There are lots of ways, like this one that we had!

You can try a virtual escape room, utilise online group games like Kahoot, or even organise team challenges like walking or wellness activities.

The main objective is to gather your team and have fun together!

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Case Study: Jhola’s Story

Collective triumph is at the heart of TGH, so we strive to reflect these tips in our organisation. 

Don’t believe us yet? Take our amazing Champion, Jhola, for example.

Jhola began as a marketing assistant to her client. As she grew her skills with the training we have inside TGH, she now assists in advertising, graphics in social media, and many more tasks for her client.

What she loves most about her client and working with TGH is how transparent the communication is. 

She receives constructive feedback so she can improve on the tasks she’s doing, the work environment is positive, and she loves the support she receives from her Pod Leader, Client Success Heroes, and our Human Resources as well. 

 “I love going to work. TGH always listens and values feedback employees have to say. I feel heard, I am not afraid to voice out my concerns because I know I am heard.”

Isn’t this something that you’d love to hear from your team?

Watch her full story here.

As we at TGH do our best to empower your businesses, we also exert effort to empower the people we have. 

When we take care of our team, our team takes care of the business. It’s a win-win!

Your Stellar Team is on the Way!

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Building a stellar team is not an easy feat, but you can always do it with help from others! No man is an island, right?

As you support and empower your team members with these tips, you will witness how they bond, collaborate, and overcome challenges together.

And success? It’s going to be an inevitable product of your nurturing and empowerment. 

If you are wondering how you can find a Champion like Jhola,  who works at her best each day because of the support she gets from her organisation, you’re just one click away from that success. 

Our Growth Strategist can help you identify the points you need to work on in your business, and how you can have your very own Champion too!

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